8 handy tips for planning your graduation show!

ThePrintSpace has a great article on preparing for your graduation show. While you are attending university you have great support and advice from your lecturers, but I also think this would be good for anyone who is having to prepare for their first exhibition on their own and not having that same support or advice as I did. Check out their website for great expert advice on professional photo and art printing, framing and mounting. theprintspace is the UK’s best of category Photo Printing Business.

Test prints at UUB

It’s been a while, with the run-up to the end of my final semester at Ulster Univesity and moving house I have been extremely busy! I am currently working on my final project which I will talk about a bit more in another post. Aswell as posting some of my more commercial work. I’m at the stage of doing some test strips ( so many options) and deciding on image sizes and framing there’s a lot to think about!!

Reframing the Border…

Is a group exhibition @ Gallery of Photography with work from 14 Irish based artists exploring the borderlands in Ireland. As the uncertainties of Brexit looms closer it raises great concern on the prospect of reinstating physical barriers and the impact it could have on the people of Ireland and in the EU. Includes work by established artists together with new emerging artists.

On until 9 September 2018.


Aidan Pedreschi – Pillboxes



Watch “Nan Goldin – ‘My Work Comes from Empathy and Love’ | TateShots” on YouTube

Goldin known for her intimate diaristic style of photography had a HUGE impact in modern photography, her unflinching honesty won the hearts of many!!! She is most certainly one of my favourite Artists! Photographers had been using their experiences in life as a way to inform their work, but it was Larry Clarks ‘Tulsa” which was so raw and graphic that it had brought Goldin to the realisation that personal stories could be relevant in an artistic way. Golden is one of Americas most influential photographers, her candid snapshots and aesthetics influenced many many photographers all of the world. 

What makes a good Portrait

A lot of the time you will find people are often afraid of having their photograph taken which will come across in their expression and posture in the images.

Our job as photographers is to make sure we really connected with the people we are photographing, making them feel comfortable and helping them to build up their confidence so we can break down that nervous tension they might be feeling.

Ask them what their interest are, such as what music they like, what are their passions! also stop and show them what you are shooting once they see how good the images are it will help put them at ease with the image making process.

Once they are relaxed and comfortable with you the process is much more enjoyable for the two of you and that way you will get the best results in final images, here are a few portraits i have taken.



Krass Clement Exhibition @ Gallery of Photography Dublin.

The Exhibition display Clements seminal 1991 work ‘Drum’ and previously unseen work made by Clement in Dublin also 1991.

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