I’m absolutely in love with Hensons work!!! His work is very theatrical, the style he uses is very dark almost painting like, very dramatic.

The careful use of light that he uses creates such beautiful images, i recently watched an interview with bill and he said,

“art is an artifist, it comes down to What is in your imagination! It comes down to how you feel about things, not nessarly understanding it because meaning comes from feeling not the other way round”. 🖤


Transmission: Éanna de Fréine.

TVC Transmission is a brief, insightful email where Éanna (Founder of The Velvet Cell) shares 3 projects that have had the biggest impact on him on that fortnight. He is very passionate about thought-provoking photography and shares his thoughts about the projects and why he chose them! I look forward to my emails and learning more about the artists he has chosen and their work. check the link out and sign up! Transmission

Winner of 2017 First Photobook @Paris Photo….


Monsanto: A photographic investigation by Mathieu Asselin. Monsanto has had a rapid rise and a more than colourful history marked by coverups and scandals: dioxins in PCB coolants, genetically modified products such as the bovine growth hormone Posilac and the production of the defoliant Agent Orange. The company is still highly controversial, irritating scientists, environmental organisations and human rights associations and acting in a way that makes people doubt the harmlessness of its products. As a manufacturer of food and animal feed, seeds and chemical products, Monsanto is relentlessly developing and marketing new technologies.

The Velvet Cell Competition!

TheVelvetCell  is an indepedent photobook publisher with a specific focus on projects that explore urbanism, architecture and our modern way of living in cities. It was established in London in 2011. They work with photographers to support the publication and promotion of their work.

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