Professional Practice so far…

So we are at the half way point already! I can’t believe how quick uni is going, I thought i would do i little summary of what i have learned in Professional Practice so far.


Firstly I think the way you conduct yourself says a lot about you and your business, acting appropriately with your photographer peers insures that relationships are built positively and productively.

Networking is beneficial to building up relationships within the industry, and we can all do with a bit of encouragement and camaraderie. Good networking can help boost your business by having others recommend your work.


I understand that a good presentation is very important, I am currently working on my Portfolio, as my main subject was more landscapes but I want to try and concentrate on what other themes or styles I would like to pursue such as documentary and commercial photography.

Building up a good collection of work! it is very important to have a wide range of images in my portfolio, showing I have a variety of skills, styles and techniques.


I am very interested in Documentary/Commercial photography and also Fine Art, so I have been looking at work within some media companys covering this aspect, such as photojournalist as well as others on various websites such as…

Creative Access has a wide range of media jobs.

Indeed  has A lot of photo journalist jobs on there aswell as other types of photography.

Hiive is a really good one if your in the creatives arts industry.

Visual Artists who have an international job listing site for the art and creative industry, they are very dedicated to helping independent artist to promote their work on their platform.


Firstly (self development)I want to continue on with my studies and do a MFA Course, so I have a wider and better understanding of photography.

Do more research into what career path I want to take.

Build up a strong portfolio.

Find a job I fill suits my interests.

Work on more personal and artistic projects on the sidelines while im building a career for myself.




I’m absolutely in love with Hensons work!!! His work is very theatrical, the style he uses is very dark almost painting like, very dramatic.

The careful use of light that he uses creates such beautiful images, i recently watched an interview with bill and he said,

“art is an artifist, it comes down to What is in your imagination! It comes down to how you feel about things, not nessarly understanding it because meaning comes from feeling not the other way round”. 🖤