A portfolio is an opportunity for you to present your work, but it’s important to consider why you need this portfolio. Are you going to use it to apply for a job? Do you want to use it to start your own photography business? Or do you just want to exhibit your work?

Build a portfolio to be proud of.


5 Tips for Building Your Photography Portfolio

I am in my second year at uni and time is flying!! Before long it will be over, so now is the time to start preparing for the main goal getting a job! there is one thing that it is very important, and that is to start with a really good portfolio. Check out these 5 useful useful tips that will help you better prepare for work.

Belfast Exposed Photography is Northern Ireland’s principal gallery of contemporary photography, commissioning, publishing and showing work by local and international photographers.

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Catharsis – a new group exhibition which brings together three projects by contemporary photographers who use portraiture in innovative ways to explore and come to terms with complex family or personal histories.  Employing different strategies, each artist uses photography as a means to unravel or respond to a repressed narrative around personal identity.  Through the process of creative investigation they open a broader dialogue around the constraints that societal norms can impose upon the freedom of individual expression.